7 best sources of vitamin A to include in your diet

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What is vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which is important for very important eye health, skin health, reproductive system, thyroid gland, Immune function and more.

If you are deficient in this nutrient you will face issues such as dry skin, rashes, skin irritation, vision problems, night blindness, infertility, poor immune function, thyroid issues, iron deficiency.

People often confuse this nutrient with foods such as carrots, papaya, pumpkin and other fruits and vegetables but they do not contain true vitamin A. The real form of vitamin A is found only in animal products. Vitamin A from animal products such as dairy and meat is readily absorbed by the body as opposed to from fruits and vegetables.

If you want to know more in depth about vitamin A click here.

An adult male needs at least 900 micrograms of vitamin A per day and for women it is 700micograms per day.

Here, is the list of 7 foods which contain significant amount of vitamin A in them and they are a must to include in your diet.


Liver typically from beef is a true superfood. Just 100 grams of beef liver contains 5400 micro grams of vit A. Liver is also rich in other fat soluble vitamins and minerals in far greater quantities than any other food.

Liver is nature’s multivitamin food. You can incorporate any kind of liver in your diet such as mutton liver, chicken liver or goose liver.

You don’t need to eat liver daily. Eating it twice or thrice a week will get you enough vitamin A.

2.Egg yolks

1 whole egg contains 90micrograms of vit A in it. Eating 5-6 whole eggs a day will get you around 500 micrograms of it. Which is more than half of what you actually need in a day.

Egg yolks are  also rich in cholesterol and other nutrients such as zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, vitamin b6 and b12 which are absolutely essential for good health.

3.Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is super rich in vitamin A, 1 teaspoon of it contains 1350 micrograms of it which is 150% of what an adult male needs in a day!


Butter is life! There’s no better fat than butter as it makes everything delicious!

50g of butter contains 375 micrograms of vitamin A. Half of what an adult women needs per day.

Butter also contains other fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin D,K and E and is a good source of cholesterol.

5.Goat’s milk

Whole goat’s milk is a good source of vitamin A.

1 cup(244g) of it contains 145 micrograms of vit A in it. Goat’s milk is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, magnesium, selenium and other trace minerals.

Drinking a liter of goat’s milk a day can provide you a enough of vitamin A to complete your daily requirements and also get other body building nutrients like high quality protein.

6.Goat’s cheese

100g of goat’s cheese contains 439 micrograms of vit A in it. That makes it a really good source.

Goat’s cheese is also easier to digest than other kind of cheeses and is also rich in fat soluble vitamins and other trace minerals.

7.Whole cream

1 tablespoon full of whole cream from cow’s milk contains 90 micrograms of vitA.

Eating 3-5 tablespoons of cream in a day can provide you with enough quantity of vitamin A to complete your daily requirements.

What else? whole cream is very delicious and enhances the flavor of anything.







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