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6 natural ways to boost testosterone levels

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Why high testosterone is important?

Testosterone is the male hormone. It is what makes men work like men. High testosterone makes life easier. It gives us men the confidence to accomplish difficult tasks, lead, protect and provide. A man with low testosterone level will run away from a difficult situation while a man with a high testosterone levels will take it as a challenge to accomplish.

Low testosterone results in many difficulties like problem gaining muscle mass, hard time losing fat, low energy, low libido, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, lack of purpose in life, problems in starting and accomplishing things and others. Low T makes a man physically and mentally weak and turns him into a docile pet as opposed to a man with high T who has capability to face the worse and accomplish things.

Men are not supposed be to be soft and weak. Ideally, a man should be independent, protector and provider to his family and tribe.

There is a significant decline in testosterone among men since past 50 years. An average modern man has 40-50% less testosterone levels than it was 50yrs ago. No wonder why modern men are fat, less muscular, less attractive, infertile, anxious, depressed, devoid of purpose and values in life.

What causes low testosterone in men?

Almost everyone today is living in a toxic environment without even realizing it. Our food, our water and our environment has been polluted and poisoned at a level that makes us sick in long term and disrupts the natural hormonal balance of our body especially testosterone levels. Most men today eat like crap, watch pornography, live in an artificial environment getting exposed to estrogenic substances and blue light from screens all the time.

This adversely affects the testosterone levels! However, There are some basic lifestyle changes you can do to boost your T levels significantly!

Weight training

Our bodies are designed to move, lift, hunt and gather not to sit on a desk all day and stare at a screen. Exercise especially lifting heavy weights stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. Weight lifting also enhances one’s mood, increases muscle mass and improves overall health.

Earlier, men used to do a lot of physical activity and not sit on a desk all day long. Most men today are devoid of physical activity and do their jobs while sitting on a desk, then they go home in the evening only to lie on bed and scroll through their phone.

Include some form of high intensity exercise in your daily routine like Strength training, climbing, HIIT, calisthenics. chopping wood etc. If you have a desk job at least find some time on weekends to involve yourself physically.

Eat high cholesterol foods

Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone meaning that the body requires cholesterol to make it. You need a surplus of cholesterol in order to make testosterone.

Most people are deficient in cholesterol because they do not eat enough through their diet. You might have been told that cholesterol in the diet will block your arteries and increase the risk of getting a heart attack. However that is simply not the case. Many studies show that there is no link between cholesterol in the diet and risk of getting a heart attack. (1,2.3.4).

Also, choose the right kind of fats in the diet. What are the right kind of fats? Saturated animal fats such as butter, lard, ghee, egg yolks etc. Avoid cooking oils like canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, cotton seed oil at all cost! they are highly processed and produces highly toxic compounds which causes cancer and disrupts the hormonal system of the body ultimately affecting testosterone production in a negative way!

Good sources of cholesterol are egg yolks, beef liver, whole raw cream, full fat milk, butter and lard.

Avoid soy and other xenoestrogens

When it comes to testosterone it is very crucial to address the hormonal disruptors. Hormonal disruptors are those substances which disrupts the production of hormones in the body. One major kind of hormonal disruptors are called xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are estrogenic substances block the production of testosterone significantly.

Soy is heavily estrogenic and interferes with the natural testosterone production. It is one of the popular protein sources among vegans and vegetarians but in reality it is a poor quality protein source as it does not offer essential amino acids in adequate amounts. Soy is also loaded with anti nutrients which affects the digestive system negatively. Eating soy will cause problems with both testosterone and digestion and a poor gut health will result in more testosterone loss! Avoid eating soy at all. If you want to know how to get more protein in your diet refer to this article.

Other Xenoestrogens are found almost every where. Plastics, deodorants and perfumes, yes folks deodorants and perfumes cause hormonal disruptions and messes up with T production, Room fresheners, Food colorings especially red food coloring, personal caring items like creams, soap, shampoos, sunscreen, tap water, thermal receipts, pesticides etc.

Does not matter if you do everything right, if you’re constantly exposed to these xenoestrogens you will have low T and poor hormonal balance. Most eat right but live in a poor environment which prevents them achieving full T potential.

Live in a clean and natural environment.

Get enough sunlight

Sun literally fuels life on earth! Sunlight is crucial for vitamin D production in the body.

Vitamin D is essential for T production. The testicles have vitamin D receptor on them. Exposure to vitamin D directly affects the T production in testicles(5,6). There are two main source of vitamin D. Sunlight and Foods such as animal fats, egg yolks, dairy, sea food, organs like liver.

For most individuals high quality animal foods which contain vitamin D are hard to obtain. Therefore sun becomes the only source of vitamin D. Spend good amount of time in the sun especially in winters. Morning sunlight is best for people who live in hot regions. Earlier men used to spend most of the time outdoors and not sit inside all the time.

Sunlight also circulates circadian rhythm which enables you get better quality sleep. A Good quality sleep builds the body and hormones over night and thereby Increasing T.

You need cholesterol to make vitamin D from sun so make sure to eat enough animal fats as mentioned above in the cholesterol section.

Reduce stress

Reducing stress is the single best thing you can do to improve your overall Testosterone levels.

Stress is very catabolic meaning that it breaks down the body physically and mentally. If you are constantly stressed out you will be in a catabolic state meaning that instead of building, your body breaks itself down. This results in low testosterone and overall degradation of health.

How to reduce stress

  • Magnesium: magnesium is the king when it comes to reducing stress. Almost every one today is deficient in this nutrient and it is hard to obtain from food so supplementation makes sense. good magnesium supplements are magnesium glycinate, citrate, taurate, orodate and threonte. If you want to more about magnesium here’s an article.
  • Salt: Increasing salt intake helps adrenal function which helps in dealing with stress and thereby reducing it.
  • High cholesterol: Eat high cholesterol foods such as egg yolks, liver, butter, full fat dairy as cholesterol helps with stress reduction and management.
  • Sleep: A 7-9 hour of deep sleep overnight is a must. Most people are deprived of quality sleep. If you have trouble sleeping eat fruit sprinkled with some salt 30-40 mins before bed.
  • Don’t over exercise in the gym as this stresses the body physically. Ideally, you should recover from workout to workout. If you are constantly stressed out you need to check your exercise routine.
  • Don’t take stimulants like coffee on an empty stomach and remove energy drinks completely.
  • Avoid too much blue light exposure from screens and rather take more sunlight. Sunlight has a lot of benefits including stress reduction.

Shilajit supplementation

Shilajit contains more than 80 types of trace minerals especially humic and fulvic acid which are a very powerful antioxidants and are hard to find in foods. Shilajit has a lot of health benefits like improving fertility, increasing longevity, protects against ageing, detoxification of the body, improve mitochondrial health ultimately improving energy levels and treating lethargy.

It is also a potent testosterone booster. One study showed a significant increase in T levels in men after 90 days of shilajit supplementation.

Pure shilajit is hard to obtain or expensive. We recommend pure Himalayan shilajit. However, you can look up on the internet to check if the shilajit you want to buy is genuine or not.


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