3 healthy breakfast options for everyone

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What is a healthy breakfast?

Breakfast as you might have heard is the most important meal of the day. While some people like to skip breakfast most prefer to have it as it helps to start their day the right way.

A heathy breakfast must include good quality protein and fats as they keep your blood sugar stable and also satiate your hunger. You definitely do not want to start your day with something that spikes your insulin levels, makes you lethargic and makes you feel hungry after sometime.

Foods like breakfast cereals, sodas, ready to eat packaged foods, noodles, crackers, breads, biscuits, fried foods are unhealthy breakfast options. They are are devoid of nutrition and do not satisfy your hunger while spiking your inulin making you less energetic and more lethargic. Healthy Breakfast need not to be fancy requiring  long preparation time. Keep it simple while choosing the right kind of foods and it will save your time and will serve you quality nutrients and energy.

Here are 3 easy to prepare quick and super healthy foods to eat for breakfast. These ones are available to almost everyone everywhere and have a very high nutritive value.

1.Omelette made in butter

Eggs are powerhouse of nutrients. They contain high quality protein, good quality fats, minerals like phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K and B vitamins especially B5, B9 and B12 and others. Eggs are especially rich in choline and cholesterol which supports the liver and brain function.

Cook your eggs in butter. Most people make the mistake of using vegetable oil but it is one of the most unhealthy fat out there which you should completely avoid at all cost! Just throw that thing out of your kitchen and always use animal fat like butter or ghee.

Even though there are many recipes out there on the internet but if you are looking to save your time don’t overcomplicate it. Just add basic spices and condiments like onion and salt and you are good to go. The addition of butter itself makes the omelette delicious.

2.Raw yogurt and raw honey

Fermented raw dairy is one of nature’s wonderful foods. When the milk is heated or pasteurized it loses many of it’s natural properties and nutritive value. Milk is best consumed raw. If you want to know more about raw milk visit this article.

Yogurt is a very common fermented milk product which we all consume on regular basis in some form. Yogurt made from raw milk is best as it retains all of it’s nutritive value and fats, In fact it is also great for your gut health especially in the conditions like constipation. Avoid consuming commercial yogurts as they are made from low fat milk and come no where close to the one which is made at home from whole milk.

Raw honey is another superfood filled with digestive enzymes and it also has anti bacterial properties. Sugar from raw honey is very easily digestible and it also does not spike your insulin or blood sugar.

When the these two foods are eaten together the combination becomes super healthy and delicious. It is rich in digestive enzymes which is necessary for a healthy gut and the nutritive value is far greater than any other quick snack you would eat for breakfast. It will provide enough calories, protein, good quality fats and nutrients.

3.Old fashioned Oats

Oatmeal prepared in old fashioned way is one of the best way to start your day.

Traditionally, oatmeal was prepared by soaking it in water overnight with the addition of something acidic like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or yogurt. This was done to inactivate the anti nutrients present in oats. Oats are grains and literally all the grains contain anti nutrients like phytates. What do anti nutrients do you may ask? They prevent the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

Inactivating anti nutrients by overnight soaking increases the nutritive value of oats. Soaking also makes them soft thereby decreasing the cooking time. All you have to do is drain the water and cook them in either milk or water depending on what you prefer.

I personally like to cook them in water as you can add ingredients like sour cream/butter and spices which cannot go together with milk based oatmeal. Here’s a recipe from Weston A. price foundation I like very much.

You also need to know that the oats you mostly buy from the supermarket are processed and cooks very easily. Some even come with additives and added sugars which is not healthy at all. The only right kind of oats are either steel cut oats or rolled oats and instant oats or any kind of easy too cook oats must be avoided.

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